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Tango Math

We all started there.

First, our tango journey started by learning the tango basic step (Basico con Cruzada). And then, we moved on to learn other steps, including back-ocho, ocho cortado, tango turns, including clockwise and counter-clockwise.

People ask me often, “How many steps do you think you need to know to enjoy dancing tango?

Based on my observation for years, I’d say you can enjoy dancing tango with 3-5 steps, and maybe 6-8 if you’re an experienced dancer. It sounds boring, doesn’t it?

I’d like you to watch these tango Maestro and Maestra, Ricardo Vidort / Myriam Pincen, perform on two occasions to two different songs.

Song: Comme il faut (Orchestra Carlos Di Sarli)

Song: Sábado Ingles tango(Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo)

What do you think? Although they seem to execute the same steps, they deliver different feelings, don’t they?

Here is my tango math.

Let’s assume you like to dance to about 200 tango songs. Then, if you execute your 3-5 figures to the feelings of the songs, you have 600-1000 (e.g., 3-5 multiplied by 200) different ways to enjoy dancing tango.

What if you apply your own emotions to the dance? In other words, how many ways do you have to enjoy dancing tango if you dance what you feel or feel what you dance?

What about an infinite number of ways?

When you dance, listen to music and explore your feelings. And see how your dance partner responds.

Enjoy dancing tango!

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