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I am an engineer, English communication coach, and tango dance instructor with expertise in many fields, including university training in science and engineering, nineteen years of engineering experience at NASA, patent law practice, and renewable energy research.

I took up tango in 1997, in order to fulfill a lifelong ambition of dancing with a partner.  One day, while dancing with my partner, Eugenia, I had a surreal experience akin to traveling through time and space. After much investigation, I came to the conclusion that I had experienced something very close to a zen moment.  This experience led me to explore my understanding of tango in a new way.  

Based on my experience and research, I wrote a book called "Tango Zen, Walking Dance Meditation", which came out in 2005 and has been translated into five different languages. I have given my Tango Zen workshop, which is based on the ideas in the book, in 25 different countries.

I also directed the documentary film “Tango Your Life", which tells of my discovery of Tango as culture, music, dance, friendship, love, and daily living in Buenos Aires. The film was released in 2012 and is featured in film festivals and tango communities worldwide. Here, you can view the film in its entirety: 

Chan Park's dance of recognition with María Inés Botas at El Beso in Buenos Aires
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