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Tango Your Life is a Tango learning Program created in 2001. Since then, the Program has helped Tango students discover the joy of the dance through its workshops offered in more than 22 countries, including USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, South Korea, Argentina, to name a few.  The Program leader earned his recognition as a dancer and teacher among the experienced dancers in Buenos Aires, while residing there between 2008 and 2012.

For those who wish to experience the joy and intimacy of the Tango dance, the Program offers learning instructions focused on activating body awareness, listening to music, establishing and maintaining a meaningful embrace, and sharing inspiration with a partner connected through the embrace while walking together in peace and harmony.

Originally the title "Tango Your Life" is from a documentary film, "Tango Your Life" directed and produced by Chan Park.


"The core message of the Workshop is for me that beautiful tango is possible with simple steps and on a small dance floor."

-    Hedyeh,  Bern,  Switzerland


Was an inspiring weekend in Bern and the music of Francisco Canaro (Todo te nombra) is buzzing around in my head the whole time ...  


Thanks again for 2 intensive and inspiring days with you together.  

I'm listening always to the music of your CD, which is a great present - thanks again! 


All the best from Zürich 

Dominik, Zurich 

What a pleasure to hear from you, thank you so much! The workshop at Die Quelle in Berne was very impressive to me and to my husband Ueli. There I found the missing piece, I saw and felt the energy flows. So we were very happy to meet you! Now we are practicing quite often at home, just using the basic step.  

We are looking forward to a next meeting with you, hoping you are coming to Villa Unspunnen again.  

Annlia, Switzerland 

Thank you again for the very well organized workshop and the numerous inspiring inputs! The day before yesterday we were in a Practica with Dominik and I actually felt a bit more Zen while dancing :-)

I am very happy when our paths cross again in the tango world and on the dance floor.

Until then, I wish you lots of great dance experiences and hugs. And thanks again for the great CD!  

Hedyeh, Zurich 

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