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The Program participants will practice simple yet proven exercises based on mindfulness principles, tai chi/qi gong, and basic Tango movements.


They are gradually guided to experience the BENEFITS of the dance through the learning process, including: 

  • Boosted confidence in the mind and balance in the body 

  • Enhanced creativity 

  • Heightened feelings of connection and intimacy  

  • Increased physical strength and flexibility  

  • Reduced stress  

  • Enriched social life and  

  • Loads of fun… 

Tango Coaching on Zoom

This Tango Your Life Coaching, offered on Zoom, is an adaptation of the Group Program. It applies the same materials as the group Program but is adapted to couples' needs and goals in their tango journey. If you're interested in knowing whether this Program is suitable for you, please book a Virtual Coffee with Chan,

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Tango Coaching on Zoom

My dance partner and I have had a series of virtual Tango coaching sessions which have been enormously helpful.

Chan is a great Tango teacher, very patient, attentive to our needs and adapting the lessons to our level of experience.

The virtual format has been extremely effective. We have access to a local studio and used my laptop on zoom to host and record the sessions. We could review them again in our practice.

Once we sorted out the audio & visual side,  Chan was able to give us clear instructions and also demonstrate what he wanted us to learn.

He could easily watch how we were dancing and comment on how to improve.

Being with Chan in the room would have been about 10% better but we’re in UK and would have been impossible to have this level of teaching otherwise.

I highly recommend virtual sessions with Chan.

- John, London, UK

After my first online session, I decided that not only was Chan incredibly knowledgeable in teaching the mastery of what successful connection can help you achieve, but he had discovered how to relay the teachings and feelings that you think you can only learn in in-person classes, on a video call. 


His explanations describe perfectly the instruction and also, essentially, what it is supposed to feel like. 


He takes time at the beginning of each class to ensure that you are grounded and connected with what you are about to receive and achieve - like a mindfulness exercise. 


As a student, you find yourself absorbing what is being taught, naturally, and that elusive Zen-like state appears ever more frequently as you gain clarity from your experiences, quite naturally, with Chan's gentle and clear guidance. 


Tango Your Life is so much more than dance instruction - it is up there, for me, with guided meditation, mindfulness, or a form of hypnosis, at its best.

- Ria, London, UK

Tango Workshop

Tango Workshop in Tuscany, Italy, 2-5 April, 2010

The Tango Your Life Workshop covers the following objectives:

  • The participants learn the basics of the traditional tango.

  • The participants understand the connection between body, awareness, movement, and stillness.

  • Dancers deepen their body awareness and understand the beauty of the beginner's mind.

For your enjoyment of life through the tango dance, we're offering the following Tango Your Life Workshops:


If you wish to receive the updated schedule or would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a Tango Your Life workshop in your area, please get in touch with us.

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Virtual Coffee with Chan Park

I want to invite you to a Virtual Coffee with me on Zoom or alike if you wish to learn more about how the Tango Your Life Program can help you enjoy the dance.

During the Coffee, you can tell me about issues related to your Tango dance, and I will listen to you and provide you with tips you can try to overcome the issues. Then I will introduce my Tango Your Life Program in more detail if you're interested.

Talk to you soon.


Book your Virtual Coffee

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