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"...stop teaching steps that cannot be done in a milonga."-Carlos Gavito

The MAESTRO (Gavito) used to say...

What is your biggest concern as a teacher?

“ Right now, I'm not teaching steps, I'm teaching not to collide on the milonga floor.

Do whatever you want, but please don't collide!

Because it becomes unpleasant to go dancing.

And it's only going to get worse every day, unless we teachers become critical and stop teaching steps that cannot be done in a milonga.

Leave the hooks and kicks for the stage.

We go to the milonga to enjoy, not to suffer.

There are women who make you suffer because they dance alone.

They don't listen to the lead.

And the embrace is tango, the feet are the vocabulary…”

Carlos Gavito

Text source: Textura de Arrabal

Photo source: Jerzy Dzieciaszek,

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