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Is embrace different in Buenos Aires?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Is embrace different in Buenos Aires?

Hello friends

I lived in Buenos Aires for 4 years, 11 years ago, and this week I returned to stay for a month. During my time away, I couldn't stop thinking about what I missed the most, and for me, the answer was simple: the embrace. But it begs the question: Is the embrace in Buenos Aires different now?

I can say without a doubt that the answer is yes, but it's hard to explain how and why. The truth is, it's an experience that one must feel to truly understand

My friend Cyrena Drusine, a fellow tango enthusiast, has attempted to explain the difference in embrace in Buenos Aires. She describes it as a connection that is deep and intense, a physical and emotional exchange between two dancers that is unique to this city

“Many foreigners flock to Buenos Aires to experience the Argentine tango embrace, because many claim that the feeling is different than in other countries. Maybe this is because the tango embrace is an expression of the Argentine culture, history, and identity. The Argentines often have a deeper understanding of tango, because the music and the lyrics are part of their history

But the embrace is not the only thing that is different; it is the feeling of tango in Buenos Aires, not just in the milongas, but in the air, walking down the cobblestone streets, in the cafés, in the houses, in the taxicab rides, and in the relationships. This is the feeling that continues to draw people from all over the world, to dance here, in the mecca of tango

Most tango connoisseurs say, to really dance Argentine tango, one must eat, breathe, and live it here. Only then will you be able to truly feel and dance authentic Argentine tango.”

So, for those who have yet to experience the embrace in Buenos Aires, I encourage you to come and experience it for yourself

Chan Park

Tango Zen

Source: Tango and Its Powerful Embrace, Cyrena Drusine, TEDxAsociaciónEscuelasLincoln,

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