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Dance what you feel...

                ...Feel what you dance.


Would you like to know about a Program my students follow to enjoy the Tango, deepening their understanding of the dance and transforming their stress-caused fatigue into positive feelings and actions, thereby reigniting their passion in life?

Embrace, Music, and Walk

If you learn a good embrace and learn to walk to the music, you will be able to dance Tango.

Tango is more than figures or steps. Unlike Tango images of complicated and provocative movements commonly featured in media, Tango is to pursue the feeling inspired by music and shared between partners connected through embrace while walking together in unison.  


So, if you learn a good embrace and learn to walk to the music, you will be able to dance Tango.

However, a majority of Tango classes around the world fail to convey such an inspiration of Tango dance, instead promoting figures and steps. This prevailing phenomenon is attributed to a lack of understanding of the history and culture of Tango originated in the streets and salons of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Here show some stories on Embrace, Music, and Walk from the film "Tango Your Life"


Tango is


Tango is

Walk, walk,

beautiful walk

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Virtual Coffee with Chan Park

I want to invite you to a Virtual Coffee with me on Zoom or alike if you wish to learn more about how the Tango Your Life Program can help you enjoy the dance.

During the Coffee, you can tell me about issues related to your Tango dance, and I will listen to you and provide you with tips you can try to overcome the issues. Then I will introduce my Tango Your Life Program in more detail if you're interested.

Talk to you soon.


Originally the title Tango Your Life is from a documentary film, Tango Your Life directed and produced by Chan Park.

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