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Tango is oneness

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

One of the questions I asked my tango-dancing friends for the documentary film "Tango Your Life" was, "Can you describe tango in ONE word?"

Margareta Westergård recently posted her answer to the question on her Facebook page. She also said, "When you asked us, the people in your film, to describe tango in one word, it was really hard."

You can see other answers to this question on my Facebook page:

On the weekend, I found an old piece of paper with a list of the interview questions I had asked my tango friends. Some of the questions are:

1. Can you say "tango" in just one word?

2. What does it mean to "tango with heart"?

3. What keeps you dancing tango? Pleasure, memory, nostalgia, etc. Please describe.

4. How did you learn tango? Please talk about how you learn. Would you tell someone else to learn the way you did?

5. What makes tango in BA different from tango in other places? If they are different, why do you think they are?

6. Describe your favorite dancer partners. Why do you want to dance with them more than with other people?

7. Do you think tango has anything to do with eastern ideas like Zen, Taoism, martial arts, etc.?

8. How would you teach if you were a teacher?

9. Can you tell me about the moment you're dancing? What's going on in your head and in your body? Do you feel calm, peaceful, excited, happy, etc.? Do you see colors, pictures, memories, or sounds?

10.When you dance, do you change to fit your partner's style, body, personality, etc.?

11. Some people say that the tango is as addicting as drugs. Do you agree or disagree?

12. Who are milongueros? Name one tango dancer you look up to the most. What part did they play in the development of tango? Is it positive or not?

13. Do you experience losing yourself when you dance?

14. What makes a good milonga?

15. Some porteñons say that when they dance, they transmit something. Do you agree? If so, what do you think they are trying to say?

16. People say that tango is sentimiento, which means that when they dance, they feel it. Do you agree? What do you think they're feeling?

17. They say tango is passion. What's the meaning?

18.What is the culture of tango? Is there anything that makes tango culture stand out?

Would you like to answer any of the questions?

☎️ DM me if you want to learn how to enjoy more in your dance.

Tango Zen

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