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Pleasure of Tango

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

One of my tango friends, Quique, said this about his Tango experience:

“Tango is a pleasure as two bodies bond and communicate with each other in an enjoyable way.”

Liliana also shared her Tango experience in terms of pleasure:

“Dancing Tango is a source of great pleasure for me, and it makes me feel content above all else.”

What is the pleasure of Tango?

Tango is a dance that brings pleasure to people through meaningful connections and human contact. It's a bonding of two bodies that communicate with each other, creating a sense of contentment and happiness

Tango provides pleasure in many forms such as music, embrace, intimacy, and love. The dance provides a way to feel content and enjoy the moment.

Listen to Flo, explaining her Tango pleasure:

“Pleasure comes in all forms.

There is the pleasure of music, the pleasure of embrace, the pleasure of intimacy, and the pleasure of feeling love. It is all pleasure.

Yeah, it feels so good!”

My Tango friends talk about the pleasure of Tango here:

Tango Zen recognizes the important role that pleasure plays in life and encourages its practice as a way to live in the present.

So, does dancing Tango give you pleasure? Please share your experience.

☎️ DM me if you want to learn how to enjoy more in your dance.

Tango Zen

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