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Milongueros, Masters of tango.

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I had a talk about milonguero a few months back with my tango friend. This is a summary of our conversation

"I love dancing with someone who dances with the milonguero style," says my friend.

Me: "What exactly is the milonguero style? I thought we all just danced tango."

"Well, some folks dance in a close embrace like milongueros," my friend says.

Me: "Ah, I see. I believed milongueros were known more for their lifestyle rather than their dance style."

Who are milongueros?

A milonguero, according to Gabriel Frydman, is a person who dedicates a great part of his life to the tango culture, who not only dances but has a personal experience of tango life that enables him to be much more connected to the music than are other dancers.

Nestor La Vitola, a well-known milonguero, stated that "being a milonguero implied a lifestyle, a way of life, in addition to being an exceptional dancer."

What is the best way to learn to dance like a milongeuro?

Learning to dance like a milongueros entails becoming immersed in the tango culture and lifestyle. To learn to dance like a milongueros, one must build a strong connection to the music and the dance, with each movement filled with one's entire being and experience in the moment.

Tango Zen can be a helpful tool for people who want to learn to dance like milongueros. Check this post, “The Mindful Approach to Tango Milonguero:”

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