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Less Is More

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Less is more.


Most people nod their heads when they hear “Less is more.” It means having fewer things can lead to a better or more impactful result. For example, in design, using clean lines and few elements can make a design more powerful and effective.

Last Sunday, I led a Tango Zen workshop in Nardo, Italy. There, I got to experience the warm hospitality of Southern Italians and eat plenty of delicious seafood.

During the Tango Zen workshop, participants do exercises that are meant to help them feel more chi, connect better, improve their musicality, become more sensual and sensitive, and more.

One of my favorite exercises to end the workshop with is dancing with eyes closed, where both the leader and the follower dance with just one simple figure, like a box-step or valdosa.

I've noticed that This exercise helps the dancers be more aware, dance without stress, move with ease, and become more sensitive.

After the exercise at last Sunday's workshop, a dancer who I knew was an experienced dancer said, "I was surprised to find that I enjoyed dancing even more when I limited my movements to one figure."

I was happy to hear this comment, as it was a great example of the "Less is more" idea, which is what I try to spread through the Tango Zen workshops, classes, and discussions with dancers and non-dancers alike.

So, have you ever seen "Less is more" come true in your own life or in dance?

☎️ DM me if you want to learn how to enjoy more in your dance.

Tango Zen

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