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Find your tango

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Find your tango

Tango is not just a dance, but a way of life. It is a passion that many people have dedicated their entire lives to. In the documentary, "Tango Your Life," various speakers shared their thoughts on what “Find your tango” means to them.

Raul A. Capelli emphasized that tango is all about feeling the music and that it cannot be taught. Each person must learn to move with the music from within themselves. Pedro Sanchez echoed this sentiment, stating that tango is about individuality and personal expression. He stressed that if everyone danced the same way, tango would die, and that you must dance with your own feelings and not copy others.

Coca Cartery and Osvaldo Cartery both talked about the importance of improvisation and being unstructured. They explained that many young men who dance tango all look the same and lack the skill to improvise. Osvaldo stressed the importance of leading your partner properly, which allows for limitless creativity and spontaneity in the dance.

Jill Barrett added that although it may take a long time to perfect your tango, it's essential to have confidence and develop your own style. It's not about trying to copy someone else or worrying about what you can't do. Instead, it's about building your strength, embracing your individuality, and finding your own unique tango.

Finding your tango is about embracing your individuality and expressing yourself through the dance. It's about feeling the music from within and letting your body move with spontaneity and creativity.

These perspectives reflect the philosophy of Tango Zen, which emphasizes the importance of finding your own expression and not being limited by external standards. By following the principles of Tango Zen, such as focusing on the present moment, finding harmony with your partner, and letting go of self-judgment, you can discover your own unique tango style and experience the joy and pleasure of this beautiful dance.

You can watch this episode, “Find your tango.”

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