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Film Review, "Tango Your Life"

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Insu is a client of my English communication coaching program. He is an electrical engineer from South Korea, and now he works and lives in Sydney, Australia. As his passion is music, specifically playing classical guitar, I thought he would be inclined to write about a short documentary film titled "Tango Your Life."

I'd like to share his film review.

Film review of “Tango Your Life,” directed by Chan Park

Prepared by Insu M., Sydney Australia

I watched 'Tango Your Life' to gain a deep understanding of tango. Before watching this film, tango was unfamiliar to me, and my only connection to it was a movie called Scent of a Woman. I remember the movie's big bright ballroom, fast music, and well-dressed, elegant people. "Tango Your Life" not only delivered the scenes and emotions I expected but also gave me a philosophical perspective on tango.

I was surprised to learn the director, Chan Park, spent four years in Buenos Aires discovering what tango is. Thanks to his efforts in making the film, his audience had a chance to gain a wealth of theoretical and practical understanding of tango. I learned how people could start learning tango, where they could exercise it, and how they could enjoy tango with a partner.

Rodolfo Diperna, one of the characters in the film, says that if you surrender to each other while dancing, oneness can be created. Likewise, many dancers in the film claim two parties need to embrace and surrender to each other to dance tango. I am intrigued by the phrase "embrace and surrender" in the film. Embrace means two people are physically together, and surrender means they are mentally unified. Once unified, you can feel each other and truly enjoy the dance.

I noticed that dancers in the film concentrated entirely on their partners and the dance. From the looks on their faces, serious, smiley, and Buddha-like, I could tell they were enjoying tango with their partner. They had no idea but to tango and appeared to be free from all the stress and problems while dancing tango.

Overall, this excellent film gives the audience a deep understanding of tango in real life. If you want to learn tango, this film is undoubtedly for you.

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