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☯ Expressing Our Nature—Buddha Nature

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

🕉 Buddha nature refers to the innate potential within all beings to achieve enlightenment or Buddhahood. It is not limited to the practice of Zen or Tango, but can be achieved through any spiritual practice.

We dance Tango to express our true nature, not attempting to accomplish anything special.

☯ The purpose of Zen practice is to express our nature— the Self or our own Buddha nature, without any desire to accomplish something.

When we dance Tango, we should express our true nature, feeling free from any goal or desire.

🕉 Tango Zen is based on the concept that both Tango and Zen practice are focused on expressing one's true nature, or Buddha nature, without any desire to achieve a particular goal. Dancing Tango and practicing Zen aim to help individuals tap into and express their true selves without the constraint of external desires. Adopting the principles of Tango Zen can help dancers dance with heart and enhance their overall enjoyment of the dance.

DM me if you want to learn how to enhance your overall enjoyment of the dance.

☯ Tango Zen

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