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Deciphering the tango equation!

Let's assume S represents the 200 tango songs you love, and F signifies the 3-5 unique steps or figures you perform for each song. Then, the total number of ways you can enjoy dancing tango becomes T = S x F, or 600-1000 variations (200 songs times 3-5 figures).

What if you apply your own emotions to the dance? In other words, what if E, your emotional engagement, comes into play? When you integrate how you feel into your dance, the number of variations becomes virtually infinite, i.e., T = S x F x E, where E is an unbounded variable.

When you dance, immerse yourself in the music (S), express through figures (F), and channel your emotions (E). Observe how your partner responds.

Immerse yourself in the limitless potential of tango!

Tango Zen

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