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Tango Embrace: Expanding Your Tango Horizons

In the embrace of tango, we find more than steps and rhythms; we open our eyes to a different perspective, experiencing a dance that goes beyond the physical. Each embrace invites us into a shared space of energy, intertwining intentions and crafting an experience unique to each pair.

Modern science supports the notion that our intentions can shape our reality. In the world of tango, this concept takes on a vivid life. As we connect in our embrace, we're not just moving together; we're interacting with the energy of our partner and the universe itself.

Expand your tango horizon and consider each embrace as a journey into this shared energetic space. Here, in the fusion of energies, lies the true essence of tango.

So, let's broaden our tango perspective and embrace the dance, opening ourselves to the possibilities of connection, intention, and the unseen energies that bind us in this beautiful dance. 🌌💃🕺🎶

Tango Zen


Music - El Flete by Juan D'Arienzo and his orchestra

Video -, Sergio Scandiuzzi, Michel Robert, Hildegard Sigg, Angelo Briccone

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