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Experience, Not Philosophy

The Tango can be debated, and we have debated over it, but it still guards, as does all that is truthful, a secret. —Jorge Luis Borges The pure form of Tango is the dancing of two partners. Any intellectual or philosophical discussions as to what Tango really is may run a risk of getting entangled with dualistic ideas. Like Zen, Tango can be beyond what words can express. It can open a door only to the one willing to experience pure and delicate joy in its pure form. In Tango, like all other practices, to taste the essence one must do; that is, one must dance. So drop your pen. Turn off your computer. Go out dancing Tango. Tango Zen Source for Text: "Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation" by Chan Park Source for Image:⠀ #ExperienceNotPhilosophy #DanceNotDiscuss #TangoZen #BeyondWords #PureJoyDance #TangoEssence

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