About Tango Your Life
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Tango Your Life is a concept of Tango learning program. Originally the title Tango Your Life is from a documentary film, Tango Your Life directed and produced by Chan Park. The program was developed based on the film as well a book titled Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation authored also by Chan Park. The program was also influenced by Regina's Bruckner's practice in Zen and Naturopathy.

The workshop of Tango Your Life has been conducted in more than 24 countries since 2005. During the workshop the participants practice a series of simple yet proven exercises based on Zen principles, the discipline of martial arts, and basic tango movements, gradually being guided to improvise the dance and then to experience mindfulness, joy, passion, feelings of connection and concentration through the process. Major emphasis will be placed on bodily discipline, listening to music, establishing and maintaining a meaningful embrace, and sharing inspirations with a partner connected through an embrace while walking together in unison.


Tango Your Life, documentary film directed by Chan Park

In Buenos Aires, Tango is more than steps or fancy movements. Porteños, referring to the residents in Buenos Aires, describe tango as life danced on the floor. Chan Park, author of a book titled Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation, has spent four years in Buenos Aires to discover that tango is about feeling, which is inspired by music and shared between partners connected through embrace while walking together in unison.


This documentary film tells his discovery of tango as culture, music, dance, friendship, love, and daily living in Buenos Aires, all of which have helped discover his inner passion for life.

Watching the Film


The film has been selected by a number of film festivals around the world. You can enjoy the film online: