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Leader must follow and surrender

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

In tango, while dancing, a leader also has to follow and surrender to the follower. What does it mean?

In tango, both the leader and follower have important roles to play and must be attentive to each other's movements and cues. While the leader generally sets the direction and pace of the dance, they must also be attuned to the follower's responses and adjust their own movements accordingly.

This requires the leader to be present, open to the follower's signals, and willing to surrender some control and follow the follower's lead in certain moments.

For example, the follower may signal a change in direction or tempo through their posture, weight shifts, or other subtle cues, and the leader must be attuned to these signals and respond appropriately.

This can involve surrendering control and allowing the follower to take the lead in certain moments or adapting one's own movements to the follower's signals.

The lead-follow dynamic in tango is a fluid and dynamic interaction. Both partners must be attuned to each other and willing to surrender control to dance effectively together.

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