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A good education is usually harmful to a dancer.- Martha Graham

"A good education is usually harmful to a dancer," said the old tango master. "Too much knowledge can get in the way of feeling the music and expressing yourself."

The young dancer, who had just arrived in Buenos Aires to study tango, was confused. "But I thought tango was all about learning the steps and figures," she said.

"That's what most people think," the old master said. "But tango is much more than that. It's about feeling the music in your heart and soul. It's about connecting with your partner and creating something beautiful together.

"If you're too focused on the steps and the figures, you'll never be able to truly dance tango. You need to let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to feel the music. You need to trust your body and let it move naturally.

"Tango is not about perfection. It's about expressing yourself and connecting with your partner. So forget about the steps and the figures and just let the music move you."

The young dancer took the old master's words to heart. She started to focus on feeling the music rather than learning the steps. She learned to listen to the music and to let it move her. She learned to let her body express the emotions that the music evoked.

As she continued to dance, the young dancer began to see what the old master had meant. Tango was not about following a set of rules. It was about expressing herself through movement. It was about connecting with her partner and with the music.

The young dancer became a better dancer the more she let go of her fear and allowed herself to feel the music. She learned to trust her body and to let it move naturally. She learned to surrender to the moment and to let the music take her wherever it wanted to go.

The young dancer's experience dancing with a new partner was a reminder that tango is about more than just the steps and figures. It is also about connecting with your partner and with the music. When the two dancers move together in harmony, they can create something beautiful that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The young dancer's experience also showed her that tango can be a very emotional experience. When she felt the music in her heart and soul, she was able to connect with her partner on a deeper level. This connection is what makes tango so special.

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