Tango Your Life - Documentary Film

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In much of the popular imagination, tango is seen as a dance involving complex steps performed by dancers whose intensity swirls around them as they enact visions of dark passion.  But this concept of tango, popularized by the many tango shows that were exported starting in the 1980s, fails to capture the intimate, enduring dance that has sustained and inspired generations of dancers: the social tango danced in Buenos Aires.

It is the story of this tango, the tango of embrace, communication and human connection that Park aims to tell.

For the past four years, Park has submerged himself in the traditional tango culture of Buenos Aires, dancing almost every day and interviewing many of the participants in the traditional tango scene there in an attempt to understand what inspires people about this dance which is uniquely part of the culture of Buenos Aires, while also enriching lives of people around the world.

Different than tango danced to impress people with the intricacy of movement, the social tango in Buenos Aires is life danced on the floor – intimate, complicated and personal.

Through the stories told by dancers who have been dancing as many as 70 years as well the impressions of those who have come to Buenos Aires to experience the dance in its native country, the experience of tango is shown to be one of danced emotion -- inspired by music and shared between partners connected through embrace. In intimate and emotional conversations with the director, people explain that tango, transcending social crises and personal conflict, provides them with a safe haven where they can transform to be completely present, letting go of ego, enjoying calmness in body and mind, expressing their passion, sharing their emotions with trustful dance partners in a respectful manner, and accumulating satisfying moments, while dancing.

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